let’s Unplastic
the World!

free yourself from plastic bags, lids, straws & more!

meet your sammy's
new best friend

simple seal, easy to clean & use over and over again

store soups, salads & sauces or take em to go.

it's a bag, and it's a bowl

plastic is over for bubble tea :)

love boba, but hate the plastic mess?

wanna see
a fridge plastic free?

unplastic your life with luumi

luumi is a cradle to cradle solution

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here are a few of the things luumi can do:

luumi is great for packing a lunch

sandwiches, snacks and other yummies pack away in simple to open, plastic free happiness at school and work.

more about this here

luumi is great for camping and travel.

Luumi removes ALL plastic from inside your cooler, even the bags of ice. Be nice to the planet with luumi

more about that here

luumi kills it going zero waste

luumi is awesome for refills of every kind, or just nibbling around town. Luumi is making plastic free a reality for wet and dry goods. Plastic is OVER if U want it 2B

more on that here

easy-peasy cleaning

luumi was designed to be durable and easy to clean, so it opens wide with no hidden corners, and easily turns inside out.

more about cleaning luumi

sous vide securely & plastic free :)

or luumi is great for watertight sous vide and boil in the bag, and it's plastic free.

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luumi is great for the microwave

luumi is great for steaming veggies, cooking reheating, and even making popcorn in the microwave, plastic free!

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here's what people are saying:

I’ve been using them for I think 6 years or so. They still perform like when they were new. They’ve been in the dishwasher probably a thousand times. We use them almost everyday. Best food containers I’ve ever bought!

Gavin Bulgajewski

 High quality...lots of uses.  I have now taken to using it as a Buddha bowl and pretty much eat all my food out of it. 


I received the package and started using Luumi.
They are amazing!!! They are so much better than any other silicone products that I’ve ever purchased (I have many).

The bowls are so convenient! I was cooking and using them like regular bowls for chopped veggies and I put the leftovers in them to refrigerate afterwards.

They are so easy to wash as I can turn them inside out completely. I can’t do so with the other products I have, because of the way they were deigned.

The colours were so bright and beautiful:). I love them so much!

Yoshie Yamagishi

Use it everyday for leftovers and lunch at work. Love the size. Love the big opening. Love that it easily folds into a big bowl to make it easy to eat from.

Karen MacDonald

These straws are great! The are flexible enough to be like a bendy straw but not so flexible that they are floppy. Easy to clean with a straw brush. Fun colors! Best of all they are reusable!


I adore this little lid and straw! It is very flexible and will stretch to fit most glasses. The straw stores inside of the collapsible lid and can easily be placed into a paper bag and into my purse, car, etc. The lid can be sealed with the straw too. A very sweet little product for those who want to ditch the plastic!

D. Patton

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