A Message from Our Founder

I was asked recently to write down why I started LUUMI, what I was trying to do and why, so I’m gonna give it a shot in as simple a narrative as I can, but I guess I have to start with me as the Founder and Creator of all our designs.

My background is not design, nor is it business (lol!), but I’ve dabbled in both. The real story is I’m a backpacker and activist, and LUUMI is a reflection of that.

I’ve wandered the Earth for most of my life, settled down a bit with the kids, and got knocked sideways for nearly a decade by 9/11 and the wars that followed, but I’ve always felt most at home deep down the path less traveled, and that has been the focus of my time here on this beautiful egg, that’s where I have called home.

The smell of the ocean and the salt on my skin have been my happy place, and I’ve always been aware and thankful for that, so when I realized she was dying, I got pretty distraught. The deeper I looked, the worse it got, and I got a really bad case of eco-anxiety and hopelessness, and LUUMI was a way to deal with that.

I have always felt an obligation to do more than just watch a tragedy unfold, no matter how insignificant my input would be, I have always felt like that was a secondary concern, and jumped in to help. LUUMI allowed me to go plastic free for a big part of my life, it empowered me to feel less out of control on a crazy train, and more like a big wave surfer leaving a little wake behind me, cleaner than it was before and that’s what I want to share.

So what is LUUMI? It’s a company dedicated to replacing the single-use plastic flow to the ocean, with multi-function, multi-purpose, multi-use pure platinum silicone that never goes out of our control.

LUUMI is plastic free in it’s manufacture and delivery, and is built to last. LUUMI loves everyone here today and yet to come, so we run a monetized waste, infini-loop to make sure nothing is lost or left behind, which might be the most beautiful thing about this solution.

In short LUUMI wants to Unplastic the World with a simple, useful solution that will go on and on. It’s also philanthropy, with giveaways and sponsorships to keep it real, because plastic free is an all inclusive philosophy as much as an individual activity.

LUUMI is bright and colourful and empowering; it is activism as business, which I think is how business should be.


Peace & Love y’all have a good day!

Andrew Stromotich


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