How to Use Less Plastic at the Office

We talk about plastic A LOT here at LUUMI (duh - we’re trying to unplastic the world!) and it’s important to not only think about what we’re using that’s plastic, but when and where we’re using these products. Can we substitute these single-use plastic products for something else?

Starting your mission to unplastic the world at home by no longer buying plastic containers or using plastic grocery bags is a great start! But people spend the majority of their week at work, often with their colleagues, so why shouldn’t you make some changes there too?

RoadRunner has published this amazing infographic that shows the top 5 most used items in the office and how much waste the average worker generates. You can check out their full list of solutions on how to reduce waste in each of these categories on their website by clicking here!




You can see from this image that the average person uses 156 plastic bottles each year! Here are 3 ways that you and your coworkers can use less plastic at the office:

1. Start your own “Green Team”

If you’re passionate about ditching single-use plastics like we are, start your own committee of like minded people at work and make some changes! You can try some of the following things (not all to do with plastic):

  • do a waste audit
  • provide all staff with refillable water bottles
  • make sure there are enough recycling bins in strategic places
  • have incentives for your teammates to exceed at being green
  • join community events like Bike to Work week

2. Stock Up on Your LUUMI

Fill the kitchen cupboards with reusable containers like the LUUMI Bowl, LUUMI Bag, or LUUMI Lids and share the love. Even better: partner with local restaurants and grocery stores so your staff get a discount on their lunch hour if they bring their own dish in for take out. How awesome is that!?

3. Spread the World

Share what you know with anyone who will listen - waiting for the elevator, eating your lunch, at the water cooler - wherever! Sometimes people don’t have the information but may be interested in learning more. You don’t have to wave your arms in the air, point your finger and scream at the top of your lungs EVERY time you see someone sipping a drink out of a single-use plastic bottle, but making people around you aware of the impact that plastic is having on our planet, can lead to them making better choices on the products they decide to use.

So there you have it - a few easy things you can implement at work to help us Unplastic the World!


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