LUUMI in the Great Outdoors

Our LUUMI products aren’t only for using around the house or at the office. At LUUMI we believe life is about having experiences, not stuff. So take your LUUMI out into the great outdoors! The world has some amazing landscapes that need to be explored and protected, and we are lucky to have access to some amazing outdoor activities - 365 days a year! Here are a few “Luumi Hacks” that you can use outdoors while protecting our planet:


Use our Bowl or Bag to carry snacks along on your hike. Bring sandwiches, trail mix, fresh fruit or other finger foods so that you can easily nibble along the way without having to carry out any packaging. Our Bowl can be used to carry water and easily folds into a dish so your furry friend can have a drink too!





If you’re a camper, LUUMI products should be on your radar! Pack up our Bowl with your favourite dish, and use the sous vide cooking methods at your campsite to heat up your dinner. There will be no complex meal planning at the campsite, all you need is a pot, water and your prepacked Bowl!

Our Bowl is a must-have for camping in cooler climates as well. After dinner, give it a wipe and fill it up with hot water before you climb into your sleeping bag. Is there anything cozier than a warm, squishy hot water bottle to keep you warm when you’re out in the woods? We don’t think so!

Read some reviews of the LUUMI Bowl here on the MEC website



Meeting your friends for coffee on your cruiser bike around town and looking to get some java to go? Lots of bikes come with cup holders now so you can use our Lids to keep your liquids where they belong - in your cup!




If you’re out on the open water for a quick paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, and you forgot your dry sack, our Bowl can be used to keep your phone, wallet, or keys dry! Note: Our Bowl is watertight however it is not designed for the purpose of keeping electronics safe and dry.

So there you have it! A few “Luumi Hacks” for you to try in the great outdoors. Get out there and live your best LUUMI life and Let’s Unplastic the World!