LUUMI in the Great Outdoors

Our LUUMI line of plastic free products aren’t only for using around the city or in the house, they are also great for camping and travelling too.


Use our Bowl or Bag to carry snacks along on your hike. Bring sandwiches, trail mix, fresh fruit or other finger foods so that you can easily nibble along the way without having to carry out any packaging. Our Bowl can be used to carry water and easily folds into a dish so your furry friend can have a drink too!





If you’re a camper, LUUMI products should be on your radar! Our clasp makes a great seal, best in the market, so don't worry about losing your food in an umwanted spill. Pack up our Bowl with your favourite dish, freeze it and it will keep your cooler cold. You can boil in the bag when you are ready to eat, and luumi bowls fold over to make a nice dish for eating as well.

Another great thing a luumi bag can do, is pack your drinking water, or mixed drinks, as blocks of ice, just fill em and freeze em the day before you go, and they will make plastic free ice blocks that will never fill your cooler with water... no more floating butter, YAY!

Our Bowl is a must-have for camping in cooler climates as well. After dinner, give it a wipe and fill it up with hot water before you climb into your sleeping bag. Is there anything cozier than a warm, squishy hot water bottle to keep you warm when you’re out in the woods? We don’t think so!

Luumi is also good for packing out your waste at the end of your stay without smelling up your gear; remember good people to pack your trash! 

Read some reviews of the LUUMI Bowl here on the MEC website



Meeting your friends for coffee on your cruiser bike around town and looking to get some java to go? Here's Carolina's cruiser with a couple of cup holders making good use of a luumi sipper for tea and a lid and straw combo for water.




If you’re out on the open water for a quick paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, pack your yummies in luumi to keep them dry as our clamp will NEVER let you down like silicone zipper bags do.

And speaking of dry, luumi makes a great dry bag in a pinch, and can keep your phone, wallet, keys or whatever you need to stay dry,  dry! 

So there you have it! A few “Luumi Hacks” for you to try in the great outdoors. Get out there, enjoy and live your best LUUMI life :)

 Let’s Unplastic the World!



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