Second Generation LUUMI Products

We believe in living responsibly and taking care of our planet. Unfortunately, we live a disposable society and that’s a big issue when it comes to plastics. With LUUMI we want to shine a light on this problem and help change habits, from unconscious wastefulness to conscious reuse.

At LUUMI saving the world from single use plastic and reducing our overall footprint is what we’re all about. We’ve developed infini-repurposing to ensure nothing LUUMI ends up in our oceans. We run a monetized waste system that collects all of your end of life cycle LUUMI products and gives our customers a credit towards their new LUUMI stuff.

So what is infini-repurposing anyways?


Collected LUUMI products are repurposed by grinding them into a rubberized sand and mixing that at a high ratio with new uncured platinum silicone. In this way, second generation products are made in a nearly closed infini-loop. Pyrolysis is the process of chipping and melting plastics in their recycling process which consumes a lot of water and energy, creating loads of pollution. In comparison, the process of infini-repurposing used to make second generation LUUMI products can be done by hand, requires no water and little energy, creating virtually no pollution.

Some companies are mixing fillers into their platinum silicone products to reduce cost and elasticity and although these products pass food testing standards, this filler is something that is harmful and reduces the lifespan of these products – and that’s not what LUUMI is all about.

So use your LUUMI product with confidence, and when they’re done, we'll give you credit towards new LUUMI and LUUMI2 products!


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