Some awesome things a Luumi Bowl can do.

Some awesome things a luumi bowl bag can do.

At Luumi, we design to replace single use with multi-purpose multi-use (we are obsessed with reducing our carbon and waste footprint, so this gives us the biggest bang per product). The bowl bag is pretty great and can be used to replace loads of plastics. Here are ten uses off the top of my head: 

  1. It can be filled up with good stuff to take on a hike. It even works for your dog!


2. It can steam your veggies in the microwave in about a minute and a half, just like those expensive new steam microwave ovens.



3. And with our optional steamer tray, you can even steam frozen dumplings and steamed buns without getting dried out or soggy.


4. It can be used with a Luumi straw to hold a 1.5 litre drink.


5. You can pick berries in a Luumi bag, cook jam in it, and then put it in the fridge without any clean up :)


6. You can pop popcorn in a Luumi bag in your microwave with regular kernels (and no waste).


7. You can use it as a hot water bottle or ice pack for a sore elbow.


8. You can use it as a dry bag to keep your phone, passport, wallet, camera or whatever from getting wet.


9. You can even bake a round loaf of bread :)


10. You can pack a meal to go on an international flight! This is Jaspar rockin a 14 hour flight without any airline food. Instead he has a luumi bowl holding home cooked curry  that was re-heated in the airplane's oven :)


OK, those are some cool things we’ve done with Luumi bowls, now let’s see what you can do!


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