The Beauty of Pure Platinum Silicone

Silicone is made of a silica backbone, not a hydrocarbon backbone like plastic. Platinum silicone is very pure and needs no plasticizers to stabilize it or make it flexible, no bisphenols, no pvc, and no phthalates. Platinum silicone is an amazing material that is stable, virtually static, hypo-allergenic, high temperature rated (-60°F to 350°F), highly ultra violet and chemically insensitive which makes it an ideal replacement for single use plastics.

While 100% pure platinum silicone may cost a bit more in comparison to it’s cheaper counterpart, tin cured silicone, it will be worth spending a bit more up front considering how much plastic we use over the course of our lives.

Another super awesome thing about platinum silicone - it has a smaller carbon footprint than stainless, glass or plastic! Stainless has a huge carbon footprint as you literally have to burn coal to carbonize it and it is highly consumptive to recycle. Glass is rarely recycled and breaks easily, so it’s not efficient for continual reuse. Plastic is terrible to recycle. Using pyrolysis, the monster process of chipping and melting plastics in their recycling process which consumes a lot of water and energy, creating loads of pollution, is a losing energy consumption battle. In reality, taking a substance from a liquid to a solid for a single use, and then only taking a small percentage of what was created initially and reheating it back into a liquid and then a solid, is downright insane!

The use of platinum silicone and the process of “infini-repurposing” pioneered here at LUUMI is a bit of a miracle. Platinum silicone is flexible, durable, non-emitting, and it’s sterizable with UV (which offers the smallest footprint in regards to cleaning - by far). As a result of being so stable platinum silicone products can be collected and repurposed by grinding them into a rubberized sand and mixing that at a high ratio with new uncured platinum silicone (up to 70% recycled material).

In this way, second generation products (food products or other products) are made in a nearly closed infini-loop which can be done by hand, requires no water and little energy, creating virtually no pollution. Switching to platinum silicone also provides the opportunity to create a cottage industry in the developing world as anyone with a hand grinding machine, some platinum silicone and a mold can make these products and lay them in the sun to “dry”.

At LUUMI, we believe that pure platinum silicone can literally change the world! Stop using single-use plastics and help us Unplastic the World!


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