Use it over and over again.

… And over and over again. 100% pure platinum silicone might cost a bit more, but it’s worth it considering how much plastic you won’t use over it’s life. 

Platinum silicone is very pure, unlike the cheaper tin cured silicone, and has been used in medical and military because of this. I first came across platinum silicone as a casting agent in the film industry, where it was used to make life casts by painting the uncured silicone directly onto a model’s skin (try that with plastic!). 

We love platinum silicone because of this, and we look at it like soft glass, which is also mostly silica. It’s easy to clean and won’t break on stress points like many lower grade, impure silicones, so it should last and last. 

Even if you damage a luumi product, the material lives on, and can be repurposed in a very simple way; we call it infini-repurposing.


By grinding end of life Luumi stuff into an aggregate, and mixing that aggregate with new uncured platinum silicone, new products can be made in a nearly closed infini loop.

Pyrolysis is the chipping and melting of plastics in their ecycling process; it's very water and and energy consumptive, and creates loads of pollution.

In contrast, platinum silicone's Infini repurposing can be done by hand, and requires no water and little energy, creating virtually no pollution.

 Pure platinum silicone and infini repurposing are a simple closed loop replacement for plastics and their dirty recycling, and could have an immediate impact on the biggest source of ocean bound plastic waste (food packaging), and that's why we love it!

Plastic is Over If U Want it 2B :) 


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