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Hello we're Luumi

The world produces over 300 million tons of plastic every year, and half of that is for single use.

Which spells trouble for all of us, because a disposable lifestyle is an unsustainable lifestyle. Luumi platinum silicone containers allow you to stop using disposable and single use plastics, like bags, cups and straws. That’s because Luumi products are made from platinum silicone, not plastic. They’re reusable, sustainable, and lead to a brighter tomorrow. High five!

Infinitely useful and infinitely reusable.

Our product line includes Luumi bowls, bags, lids and straws. You can use them to store everything from coffee beans to toys, and cook stuff like coconut curry or pulled pork. They’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe up to 400º F, and even freezable. Which is, of course, very cool.

Making an impact that resonates.

At Luumi, we're committed to an inclusive, global solution to our collective plastic problem, and are striving to expand our network of philanthropic partnerships dedicated to combatting this issue.

Hello we're Luumi

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